Simcha Connection was founded in 2003  to attend to the needs of  Jews in Florida and in Israel. Through Simcha Connection many needy families, institutions and  individuals receive food, clothing and emergency relief.  They are visited by caring individuals who bring joy and  sustenance into their lives.

In 2007, Simcha Connection opened a branch in Elad Israel, to accommodate requests for help to many widows and orphans. Currently we have arranged twenty Bar Mitzvahs and fiftteen Bat Mitzvahs for orphans at the Kotel. Learn about our Chesed Projects bringing joy, nutrition, essential services and rehabilitation to Jews in need. Rabbi Dalfin and his representatives visit the sick and needy Jewish individuals and he welcomes your requests to visit a downtrodden person.

home_img1Simcha Connection helps you share in the Mitzvah of helping those in need. Join us and feel the joy of sharing kindness. Bring your children with you and show them the beauty of real Tzedaka. This will assure you Jewish pride from your children and  grandchildren.