Orphan Assistance

Bar and Bat Mitzva in Israel

We have helped over 300 orphan children with their Bar & Bat Mitzvahs since 2007. We have organized 25 Bar Mitzvah celebrations and 16 Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

These celebrations include a Rabbi teaching & training the boys for the Bar Mitzvah. Every boy receives a suit and Tefilin and a beautiful party. The girls receive earrings, silver candle sticks  and vouchers  to purchase a nice dress for their Bat Mitzvah.

We pray that our children are blessed with the love and care of parents. Sadly there is a reality in Israel today,  many Jewish orphan children who are without the means to celebrate their  Jewish mile stones. Simcha Connection has been looking out for these children providing the opportunity to  celebrate with dignity their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Judaism teaches that life is full of moments of giving and receiving!

We ask you to become our partner in this holy endeavor, make a difference in someone else’s underprivileged life.  

 Anything to brighten the day for a young Jewish child.  Knowing that you have helped another child will surely enrich your life.  We invite you to join us in Israel at the times when these children will celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

We encourage you to help these  poor orphans when you visit Israel with Rabbi Mordechai Chamami or Rabbi Mendy Chamami.

You can also bring much joy to poor orphan brides and grooms.

Your kindness will reach across oceans, connect between Jews, and  leave a permanent mark of kindness in this world!

All donations and contributions go towards the Jewish orphan children program.

Please sponsor one of the items below:

  1. Suits, shirts, shoes etc. per child $300.00
  2. Dresses, shoes & earrings per child $300.00
  3. Tefilin and Talis per child $500.00
  4. Celebration party per child $250.00
  5. Shabbat silver candle sticks per child $180.00
  6.  Kiddush goblet and Tzeddakah per child $300.00
  7. Music/Entertainment  $2,000.00
  8. Transportation per family $100.00
  9. Sponsor the entire event for 15 orphans $20,000.00
  10. Tutoring Bar Mitzvah classes per child/ per month $200.00
  11. Music Band for a wedding $1,500.00
  12. Wedding gown $600.00
  13. Wedding catered meal $5,000.00
  14. Basic furniture  for the newlywed $2,500.00
  15. Shabbat food voucher for 10 families of widows & orphans $600.00
  16. Clothing for Holidays $100.00 per child 

Educational Services

Education is vital for the growing child. Orphans, due to their family financial restraints don’t always receive the best education. This includes the lack of a computer at home. In today’s world, without computers it’s difficult to do homework, research for school papers and bolster one’s knowledge.

Simcha Connection  purchases computers and hires instructors to teach them how to use a computer and its applications for their education. Additionally, great emphasis is put forth to insure their computer education will provide them with knowledge for their future income endeavors.

The Talmud says: Educating needy children is equivalent to giving birth to them.