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Rabbi Faivish Dalfin founded Simcha Connection in 2003 to attend  the needs of otherwise forgotten Jews in Florida and in Israel.

This includes widows and orphan children. Our goal is to help many needy families, institutions and individuals receive food, clothing and basic necessities and  to bring joy and sustenance into their lives.

The financial pressures are overwhelming to many sad members of our community. They are embarrassed to share their desperation with others. We want to preserve their dignity and help them boost their self confidence.

Rabbi Dalfin and his representatives visit sick and needy Jewish individuals, and he welcomes your requests to visit a downtrodden person. Vitalize your soul by sharing happiness with others.

We desire to create a team of good natured people who want to join together and spread the power of goodness and kindness. If every person will try to influence our close family members and friends in this direction, we can surely eliminate the heavy burdens of the underprivileged. People have much goodness in their potential, it must be revealed into action. We need to teach by example, and many will follow.

The Rambam in chapter 2 Halacha 17 in the laws of reading the megilah says: “There isn’t a greater and beautiful joy than bringing happiness to hearts of the poor, orphans, widows and converts. When we make these sad people happy, we are emulating the Shechinah – Divine Presence, as it is written, to give life to the humble spirit and to give life to crushed hearts.” We want to inspire one thousand people who will sponsor one needy family, for each family, for their basic needs.

In the merit of our activities of kindness we will surely hasten the coming of Moshiach and the building of the Bais Hamikdash, very soon!

Join us and share the merit and mitzvah of this mission