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Miami Programs


Simcha Connection

Simcha Connection is involved in  Dade County with  monthly food distribution program. It provides needy individuals with food and money for emergency relief.  Many of these recipients are sick or elderly  and are unable to keep a steady job.


Senior Citizen Homes Visitation

Rabbi Dalfin visits Miami nursing and convalescent homes. He brings happiness and joyful entertainment to broken hearts. During the holiday period, he distributes – free of charge – holiday food items, like honey cake before Rosh HaShana, Suf-ganiot ( doughnuts) during Chanukah and hand baked Matza before Pesach. This includes the senior citizens of Claridge House in North Miami.  We will take you to the individuals and institutions benefiting from your donations.


Ohr Menachem – North Bay Village Shul

We offer you a place in Miami where you don’t need to “pay to pray.” Ohr Menachem-Chabad shul invites you to its weekly warm and friendly services. Some of the services it provides include:


  1. Free Membership
  2. Weekly Kiddush
  3. Kabbalah Insights
  4. Weekly Torah Portion Classes
  5. Sing along Prayer Tunes
  6. English friendly
  7. Daily Morning Minyan